The Wages of Sin (A Short Story)

The wages of sin is death!
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Don't see your favourite store? Our eBooks are available from many more retailers, simply search with the ISBN to find it somewhere else. The issues of governance and corruption are permanent on the agenda for discussion where two or three Cameroonians congregate.

A Peaceful Situation Disturbed by a Problem

In this work Sammy Oke Akombi has made an invaluable contribution to that national debate. The moral lesson conveyed here is strong.

The Wages of Sin

When shall Cameroonians be humans again? And that this will be possible only when we have a cleaner, safer and morally healthier community of decent people.

The Wages of Corruption

Or is that too utopian? Sammy Oke Akombi. He holds an M. Home Literature Short Stories. Book Preview. Format Paperback.

Four recent novels explore the origins and consequences of sin. Though the stories traverse a range of historical epochs and locations, the sins at the center of each are resoundingly contemporary, from racial and gender discrimination to sexual abuse to modern warfare. The works are further unified by the common impulse to look beyond the vaporous lives of their characters in order to examine how sin reverberates into the larger structures of culture, history, and even faith itself.

The TRAGIC Story of Ashley Smith

If you must read something, read your Bible. I commend to you especially Proverbs verses 10 to Instead, readers understand that Bethia is a desperate young woman called to sacrifice her own wants for those imposed by her father and brother. Toward the end of the novel Bethia comes to Caleb for advice in discerning which man she should marry: the son of a wealthy farmer from her native island or a young Harvard tutor. There are some questions that can be answered and some that cannot. The questions of sexual desire that Bethia cannot allow herself to ask, Jennifer Haigh hauls kicking and screaming into the light in Faith, her fourth novel.

Sheila is a misfit in a family of misfits, a motley assortment of interweaving connections and combative alliances. My mother is lace-curtain Irish. She will settle for correctness, or the appearance of it; but in her heart she wants only to be good. The space between them is crisscrossed with silent bridges, built of half-truths and suppressions. The chasm beneath is deep and wide.

Ironically, after years of marriage to a Midwestern Lutheran and a settled upper-middle-class life, Mike finds his Catholicism more important than ever. Haigh paints a compelling, interlocking portrait of both the immediate and long-term repercussions of the Catholic sexual abuse scandal. Nor does she forget that the priests themselves were once children in the church and, in some cases, number among its victims.

No one is innocent, but there are definitely victims. There are victims in excelsis. The Color of Night is a devastatingly beautiful novel, analogous, perhaps, to the beauty of a shattered church window: the shards jagged and glowing, the empty spaces between an empty void. Bell and Didion both see their projects in Dantean terms; both novels work to probe the depths of human sin all the way to its most corrupt and atramentous bottom.

Yet Mae and Maria are animated by different forces.

While Didion positions the sexual lasciviousness of the s as the consequence of a culture that has taught itself to see the human body as a commodity, Bell locates human depravity in sex itself. Not even the tales we have told of the gods. In two billion years the sun will have burnt this world into cinders. He leaves Mae peering at Laurel through the scope of her rifle in New York, in the shadow of the fallen towers, and leaves the reader to decide if any possibility of redemption remains among so much calamity. Jozef, like the protagonists of the other three novels, has been defined by an early, catastrophic loss: his mother was hit by a train in a Colorado mining camp when Jozef was just three months old.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Roberto Calas has worked as a graphic designer, The Wages of Sin (A Short Story) eBook: Roberto Calas: Kindle Store. A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett Longbourn by Jo Baker The Sum .. The Wages of Sin is, unbelievably, the debut suspense novel by Kaite Welsh.

Ondrej becomes a shepherd in the Carpathian Mountains, a remote and rugged land, where Ondrej speaks to his son only in English, reads from Walden and Moby-Dick, and most importantly teaches him how to hunt. The pair are soon joined by a cousin, Zlee, whom Jozef takes to like a brother, and the three men settle into a life of shepherding and hunting, the clouds of World War I all the while gathering on the horizon.