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While the Windows of Heaven novels are sequential, and thus a long bit of reading that will keep you engrossed in the epic for a goodly length of time, it is well worth that time. I remember being sad when I finished reading the Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and the Silmarillion, simply because there wasn't any more. I hope my readers feel the same way about my series.

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It is worth getting to Gate of the Gods, which ends at the very earliest springs of where that which we call "history" begins. It frames subsequent history well, and sends it off in a redemptive direction. I do apologize for not posting for so long. I'm still here, and still writing. Coming before Christmas, by K. Powderly Jr.

What K. Powderly did as fiction for a world long gone, in "The Windows of Heaven" novels, he does through non-fiction for the present world in "One Faith--Many Transitions: Worldviews in Church History. Over 3 centuries have passed since the cataclysm destroyed the last world.

Rumors filter in from outlying villages of a strange plague that drives men mad; where dreams, nightmares, and reality become impossible to tell apart…. This time, the Windows of Heaven unravel from within, with consequences that still wait to be unearthed in our own day. The truth is still lurking, still disturbing, and its reality always catches up On quiet evenings, people hear a screeching cry deep underground, like the wail of a mother bereaved of her children.

But that is only the pressure mounting below The super-weapons of man go off like so much extraneous fireworks, and the armies of those who dared call themselves gods converge on the one place where a tiny remnant have a rescue plan…. What is "A Broken Paradise"? Tiva ran away from her parent's strict religious home when she was barely an adolescent. Taken in by a carefree group of forest-dwe But nothing is what it seems.

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She has no way of knowing how brooding terrors, and an unexpected hope from the man everyone--including her father--loves to hate, will propel her on a course to becoming the mother of one third of the human race. For Tiva lives in one of the last "safe" places on earth--and "safe" is nowhere near "sound" when civilization is imploding, and the world is about to end Taken in by a carefree group of forest-dwellers, she is certain that she has found paradise when she falls in love with a mysterious fire-dancer not much older than she is.

She has no way of knowing how brooding terrors, and an unexpected hope from the man everyone--including her father--loves to hate, will propel her on a course Pyra is the daughter of Pandura, who meets and marries Deucalion, who is better known by another name to us--Shem, the son of the Biblical Noah. The three must escape across a landscape of dying civilizations, and an ocean of floating islands where humanity has degenerated to being the ritual food source to leviathans of the deep, worshipped as hungry deities.

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She has called me that ever since. Julia and I did everything together, and when I say everything I mean everything. From taking baths together, to sleep overs, lemonade stands, Sunday school, playing house which she insisted , summer camps, swimming, playing board games, Legos; you name it we did it. She was like a boy only she smelled good and had long hair. She was my yin to my yang, the peanut butter to my jelly, the milk to my Oreos, and the hot fudge to my ice cream.

I love to take credit for teaching Julia everything she knows, no seriously…I showed her how to walk, ride a bike, swim, color in the lines, read, catch bugs, make mud pies and cuss. I was a boy. She loved to think that she is the reason that I am understanding, sensitive, loving, smart, witty and funny. Babygirl is a lot of things, and witty and funny are not one of them, I always laugh at her for trying. After they had Julia, they tried to have another child almost immediately. Growing up together seemed normal to me.

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Our parents were always doing things together; barbeques, vacations, dinners, birthdays, every celebration was spent together. I pretty much saw Julia everyday. Her parents were like my second parents and vice versa, our parents had a running theme that we would end up together.

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Our mothers were practically planning our wedding from the day she was born. When she was six and I was eight our dads built us a tree house in her backyard. It had taken them almost a month to finish it. I had brought over lots of toys and games for us to play with one afternoon. I had climbed the last step of the ladder before I abruptly stopped from all the pink and purple splattered everywhere.

A pink comforter with fluffy pinker looking pillows were in the corner, a table with a purple cloth and tea cup set was on the opposite side, her play kitchen was set up in the middle, and a weird fuzzy looking rug was right at the entrance. You know, a place where we could hang out and play.

We can make room for your things and mine. And, maybe, we can tone down the pink and purple, maybe some black and blue? We spent the next hour moving things around to make room for my stuff.

Windows of Heaven Series

We agreed that the comforter and rug could stay, however, the kitchen and teacup set was axed. I know she put a lot of time and effort to make our fort special. I cheered her up by playing house that afternoon. Julia loved to play house, she was the mom and I was the dad, and her baby dolls were our kids. You could say that it was a little strange that my best friend consisted of a girl. I mean, I was a boy I still needed to hang out with other guys. I hung out with Andrew Jones sometimes, only when Julia was away with her family. I had slipped and called Julia, Babygirl in front of him.


He made fun of my pet name for her. The older I became, the more aware I was about calling her Babygirl around people. She was my Babygirl, always and forever. You could definitely tell that Julia's best friend was a boy. She was tougher than nails. If Julia cried, she had reason to cry. If she did cry, it was because she was hurt, like the time she stepped on a bee, or when she was running too fast down the stairs and tripped and broke her arm.

That was a good one; she milked that injury for everything it was worth. I spent the next month catering to her every want and need; from playing Barbie dolls to dress up. She could get mad over the stupidest stuff. I remember once when she was maybe eight and I was ten.


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I was only joking. I turned it to X-Men and she screamed at the top of her lungs. Her dad came in, and asked what was going on. Julia lied. She told him that I pushed her, and I had to sit on the steps for ten minutes. Every time I looked over towards her, she stuck her tongue out and smirked.

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I was going to find a new best friend. As soon as her dad had finished lecturing me about hitting girls, and told me that I could go play. I made sure she knew it. I probably would have had another timeout. I hated to see her cry.