Slocum 333: Slocum and the Land-Grabbers

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Sixguns at Silverado. Slocum and the El Paso blood feud. Slocum and the blood rage. Slocum and the Cracker Creek killers. Slocum and the Red River renegades. Slocum and the gunfighter's greed. Sixgun law. Slocum and the Arizona kidnappers. Slocum and the hanging tree. Slocum and the Abilene swindle. Blood at the crossing. Slocum and the buffalo hunters. Slocum and the preacher's daughter.

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Slocum and the gunfighter's return. The rawhide breed. Gold fever. Death trap. Slocum and the crooked judge. Slocum and the Tong warriors.

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Slocum and the outlaw's trail. Slow death. Slocum and the plains massacre.

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Slocum and the Idaho breakout. Stalker's moon. Mexican silver.

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Slocum and the cattle war. Colorado killers. Ride to vengeance. Revenge of the gunfighter. Texas trail drive. The Wyoming cattle war. Vengeance road.

see url Slocum and the town tamer. A noose for Slocum.

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Nevada gunmen. The horse thief war. Slocum and the plains rampage. Slocum and the death dealer. Desolation Point. Slocum and the Apache raiders. Slocum's fortune. Slocum and the Deadwood treasure.

Slocum and the trail of death. Slocum and the stagecoach bandits. Slocum and the hanging party. The Grandville bank heist. Slocum's standoff. Slocum and the death council. Slocum and the timber king. Slocum and the railroad baron. Slocum and the river chase. Tombstone gold. Slocum and the sharpshooter. Death's Head trail. Silver Town showdown.


Slocum and the bushwhackers. Slocum and the Wyoming frame-up. San Angelo shoot-out. Blood fever. Helltown trail. Virginia City showdown. Slocum and the forty thieves. Powder River massacre. Final draw. Slocum and the tin star swindle. Slocum and the nightriders.

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Without these cookies, we won't know if you have any performance-related issues that we may be able to address. I had the benefit of extensive research, genealogical and otherwise, undertaken by Larry Emery, the grandson of Jo's brother, Oliver, as well as Brother Albert Labadie, editor of Labadie's Family Newsletter. And the following e-books: James Cole, The Real. Slocum and Quantrill. They had much to avenge, and, perhaps, a new day was dawning.

Revenge at Devils Tower. Slocum at Outlaws' Haven. Ambush at Apache Rocks.


Slocum and the Land-Grabbers (Slocum #) [Jake Logan] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hoping for some well-deserved rest and. Slocum Slocum and the Land-Grabbers - Kindle edition by Jake Logan. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Hell to midnight. Slocum and the buffalo soldiers. Slocum and the phantom gold. Ghost town. Slocum and the invaders. Slocum and the mountain of gold. Slocum and the cow town kill. Pikes Peak shoot-out.

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Blood trail. Slocum and the gold slaves. Slocum and Quantrill. Slocum and the ghost rustlers. Slocum and the Fort Worth ambush. Slocum and the west Texas plunder.