Sacajawea: Her True Story (Penguin Young Readers, Level 4)

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Tickle and the Scary Halloween Mr. Men and Little Miss Hargreaves, Adam. Ever since Little Miss Scary moved to town, Halloween had become scare-your-pants-off scary! But Mr.

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Amanda loves playing at Lollipop's house, because her room is purple, Amanda's favorite color, and Lollipop has a cute baby sister. But when Amanda sleeps over, she finds she likes her Presents five stories about telling secrets, playing alone and other activities in the lives of Oliver and Amanda, who are sometimes known as Mighty Pig and Amazing Baby Pig. When her brother goes off to school, Amanda finds new things to do, including ballet dancing, cleaning her room, and making a very sad, mad day go away, with the help of hugs from Mother Pig.

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Genie is very strict and doesn't want the kids to have any fun.

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