No Longer Alone: My Intimate Walk with Jesus Christ

No Longer Alone: My Intimate Walk with Jesus Christ
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It is His power, which is more than we can ever imagine, that will change our gifts of bread and wine to the Body and Blood of Christ. Through this prayer the bread and wine will become the Body and Blood of Christ. We show our willingness to forgive who ever it may be by offering a sign of peace to those around us.

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In a very real way the people around us become living symbols of those people who have wronged us. It may be impractical to stop everything at that moment and go and call someone who lives three states away to forgive them and get back in time to receive communion. The sign of peace then becomes an oath that we will go forth from the service and forgive that person. It is a symbolic gesture reminding us that we are partaking of the one body of Christ. This symbolize is enriched by the action of the priest when he drops a small piece of the consecrated host into the chalice.

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This gesture symbolizes that all the Masses in the world are united together through the local bishop who is the head shepherd of the diocese and is united with all bishops through his union with the pope. This prayer once again collects all the prayers of the Mass and makes them one unified prayer that is offered to God the Father through Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Catholic Church takes wedding vows seriously. They are not just figures of speech so when a couple says that they promise to be true to their spouse in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health and that they will love their spouse, and honor their spouse, all the days of their life they better mean it.

A divorce says that you were once married and now you are not. Catholic believe that all valid marriages cannot be ended remember the wedding vows. Here is a non-marriage example of an annulment. If you buy a car from a friend and later discover that the car had been stolen, you discover that you did not actually buy the car because something your friend did not own the car went wrong before the sale of the car.

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This is different than if you buy a car from your friend and someone steals it. The car still remains yours because you legally purchased it.

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No Longer Alone: My Intimate Walk with Jesus Christ [Felix Landau] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. No Longer Alone tells the. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Felix Landau was an attorney at law, high school history teacher, and coach. He holds a master of arts in history from the.

You may be able to drive a stolen car for years without being caught and all the time think it was yours but once it is discovered to be stolen it is no longer yours. Here is an example I use with engaged couples. If the bride hides the fact that she is alcoholic from the groom and later he discovers that she is an alcoholic he may have grounds for an annulment because she kept a crucial part of who she was hidden from him. What would marriage be if everyone could walk away from their commitment to each other when the going gets tough? The going always gets tough at some point in each marriage.

What are some grounds for an annulment? Here are a few common grounds for annulments. Please note that I am not a canon lawyer and thus I cannot claim to be an expert in Canon law.

A lack of freedom. One cannot enter into marriage if he or she is being blacked mail or is under the influence of drugs and alcohol. A pre-existing severe mental or physical condition that is kept hidden from the other spouse. Lack of Form. Two Catholic people who go to Vegas and get married are not really married in the eyes of the Church because they lacked form: a minister, two witnesses, and approved wedding vows.

There is fee for Annulments but this fee is to help the Church pay for the legal professionals and secretaries who work in the Marriage Tribunal. Best way to get started in annulment is talk to your parish priest. I n the middle ages the local monastery was often the center of a town not only for the religious life of a community but because the monks often produced things such as bricks, food, and alcohol products which the monks sold to support their life of prayer.

It was not that the monks were not holy and thus dedicated to their work but instead it was that the water in the region was filled with sentiments that hampered the production process. The grapes in the area were not of the highest quality either so no matter what the monks did the wine still tasted horrible.

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One day a monk took a couple of bottles of wine and ejected yeast into the bottle. He shook it up and popped the cork. He repeated the process over and over. The monk soon discovered that the injection of yeast and the subsequent discharge from the wine bottle after popping the cork removed the sentiment from the wine and thus he created a great tasting wine.

The wine was named after the region of France where the monastery was located and so Champagne was invented and the very best champagne was named after the monk Don Perignon.

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We celebrate the love that the bride and groom have for each other has reached a new level. This is demonstrated by the fact that they are willing to stand before God, family, and friends to make certain promises. They promise to give their very being to his or her spouse in marriage. Marriage is the closest and most intimate of human friendships. It involves the sharing of one whole self with your spouse.

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This exclusivity is essential for the good of any marriage. They promise to love their spouse as Christ loves the Church and because of this marriage is indissoluble. The bride and groom are not being joined to each other by passing emotions or mere erotic inclination, which, if selfishly pursued, fade quickly away. They are being joined by God and through their own firm and irrevocable free act of consent in an unbreakable bond of love. Love as we all know though is not some magical thing but rather something that is developed over time and will require both the bride and groom to work hard to keep it flowing in their life as husband and wife.

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It is therefore important for the couple to always remember who they are and where they have come from. Each bride and groom knows that they are not perfect. Like the grapes and water in the story about champagne they both come with certain shortcomings because they are both human beings. Each future spouse should also be aware of the shortcomings in their future spouse and in a deep sense it is these shortcomings that have called them to each other and to this point so that they may complete each other and become one.

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Please always keep this in mind and remember that together there are no problems in life that a married couple will not be able to overcome. When a couple is married they are no longer alone in this world. From now on they are equal partners with their spouse and together with God they will be able to face any challenge that comes your way. In order to reach the full flavor of a great love God injects yeast into life of married couples. Married individuals should always take time to be caught up in the yeast of family. As a married couple they will need time alone to develop their love but it is important for them to remember that they have both come from families who have done their best to nurture them.

Remain close to them and never isolate yourself from their love. There is no rulebook for marriage. No matter how much advice a couple receive some things in marriage must be experienced. Remember that married couples are not alone in these first time experiences for God has given them many good friends to accompany them along the way. Married couples should stay close to the friends who build them up and share their experiences together. They will find life is much sweeter when shared with friends. From time to time married couples will find their relationship under pressure like the wine injected with yeast before the cork is popped.

There will be times of trial and sufferings and these will be the times when their love and marriage will be tested. On those days married couples should look upon their wedding day and see all the support they have from God, the Church, family and friends and know together that they will be able to overcome any obstacle and their marriage will grow stronger because of the pressure. My last piece guidance to married couples is that they should celebrate together.

For just as champagne is only a liquid in a pretty bottle until the bottle is uncorked so spouses need to celebrate their marriage and love by celebrating life.

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Remember nothing is too small to celebrate. May God always be with each married couple, May their family and friends always surround them, and may they celebrate life to the fullest by truly loving each other. Marriage is the intimate, exclusive, indissoluble communion of life and love entered by man and woman at the design of the creator for the purposes of their own good, and the procreation and education of children; this covenant between baptized persons has been raised by Christ the Lord to the dignity of a sacrament.

Intimate communion of love and love. As a mutual gift of two persons to each other, this intimate union excludes such union with anyone else. It demands the total fidelity of the spouses. Husband and wife are not joined by passing emotions or mere erotic inclination, which, selfishly pursued, fade quickly away.

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The complementarily of the sexes is essential to marriage. But the very nature of marriage makes such a proposition impossible. At the design of the Creator. God is the Author of marriage.

enter He inscribed the call to marriage in our very being by creating us as male and female. Marriage is governed by his laws, faithfully transmitted by his Bride, the Church. Remember that God can use your emotional pain to complete you. He has not forgotten you. Shana Schutte is a freelance writer, author and speaker living in Colorado Springs, Colo. All rights reserved. International copyright secured. Call Store. The Gift of Loneliness.

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