Memoirs of the Jacobites of 1715 and 1745 Volume III.

Memoirs of the Jacobites of 1715 and 1745 Volume 3
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Author, Thomson, A. T., Mrs., Title, Memoirs of the Jacobites of and Volume III. Contents, Lord George Murray -- James. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg.

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The Jacobites-Part-1

It was, if you like, a confederal model, a British Isles that was very de-centred. One of the key things that happened after —and the Acts of Union with Scotland were part of that, though not the only part—is that the British Isles became increasingly centralised, with a concentration of royal administrative power in London. I think you can see there some of the issues that makes Jacobitism still have contemporary resonance.

Interestingly, Jacobitism was much more core to the language of Irish nationalism. The debt-fuelled economy drove a British state that was on a semi-perpetual war footing with France in particular, but sometimes also with Spain. It was geared to the development of an overseas British Empire. Get the weekly Five Books newsletter. Jacobitism was a threat to the development of that empire — not only by dividing as the British crown would have seen it the British Isles, but also because a restored Stuart would have been much more open to a rapprochement with France, rather than overt competition.

That means there would have still been French troops north of the American 13 colonies, which would have meant that there was too great a military threat for them to rebel and begin the American War of Independence in There were global consequences to the victory or otherwise of the Jacobite cause. Yes, you discuss this in your book about the battle of Culloden.

Can you tell me why you wrote the book? Do lots of people visit the battle site? In the middle of the 18th century British historiography demonised the Jacobites because they were still a terrible political threat. Subsequently, one of the ways in which there was reconciliation within the British Isles between England and Scotland not so much Ireland was by incorporating the Jacobites into a kind of story.

Memoirs of the Jacobites of 1715 and 1745, Vols 1-3 (of 3)

It never comes back. That was the story. Therefore, that loyalty, properly deployed in the service of progress and modernity, could sustain and defend the British Empire. That saves us from that problem. I know this is a seminal work and I still have my copy from undergraduate days. Clark argues that the British state, in the 18th century, was a confessional and an aristocratic state.

It was very strongly Anglican and very strongly aristocratic. That aristocratic influence continued long after, even, the Reform Act of But it was inspirational 30 years ago. Clark does have a bit about Jacobitism in the book, but by presenting this version of society, the fundamental issue he shows is that Jacobitism was normative. It is not about fighting progressive modernity from the backwoods: it is about which party and he argues—as many others have since argued—that the Tories will remain largely Jacobite up to the s is going to control that state.

It makes Jacobitism far more serious. And it takes you well out of that kind of slough, which we still live with, which is that the Jacobites are dirty and hairy and that the forces facing them are progressive and interested in democracy. In the colouring given to these, she has conscientiously sought to be impartial: for the facts stated, she has given the authorities. It now remains for the Author publicly to acknowledge the resources from which she has derived some materials which have never before been given to the Public, and for which she has to thank, in several instances, not only the kindness of friends, but the liberality of strangers.

A very interesting collection of letters, many of them written in the Earl of Mar's own hand, and others dictated by him, is interwoven with the biography of that nobleman. These letters were written, in fact, for the information of the whole body of Jacobites, to whom they were transmitted through the agent of that party, Captain Henry Straiton, residing in Edinburgh. They form almost a diary of Lord Mar's proceedings at Perth. They are continued up to within a few hours of the evacuation of that city by the Jacobite army. For these curious and characteristic letters, pourtraying as they do, in lively colours, the difficulties of the General in his council and his camp, she is indebted to the friendship and mediation of the Honourable Lord Cockburn, and to the liberality of James Gibson Craig, Esq.

To the Right Honourable the Earl of Newburgh, the descendant and representative of the Radcliffe family, her sincere and respectful acknowledgments are due for his Lordship's readily imparting to her several interesting particulars of the Earl of Derwentwater and his family. She owes a similar debt of gratitude to the Viscount Strathallan, for his Lordship's communication to her respecting the House of Drummond. To the Honourable Mrs.

Bellamy, the descendant of Viscount Kenmure, she has also to offer similar acknowledgments, for information respecting her unfortunate ancestor; and for an original letter of his Lordship; and she must also beg to express her obligations to William Constable Maxwell, Esq. Constable Maxwell, of Terregies, the descendants of the Earl of Nithisdale, for their courteous and prompt assistance.

To James Craik, Esq. She is also grateful to a descendant of the family of Lochiel, Miss Mary Anne Cameron, for some interesting particulars of the burning of Achnacarry, the seat of her ancestors. In some of these instances the information derived has not been considerable, owing to the total wreck of fortune, the destruction of houses, and the loss of papers, which followed the ruthless steps of the conquering army of the Duke of Cumberland. Most of the hereditary memorials of those Highland families who engaged in both rebellions, perished; and their representatives are strangely destitute of letters, papers, and memorials of every kind.

The practice of burying family archives and deeds which prevailed during the troubles, was adopted but with partial advantage, by those who anticipated the worst result of the contest. In recalling with pleasure the number of those to whom the Author owes sincere gratitude for kindness and aid in her undertaking, the name of Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe, Esq. The Author has also most gratefully to acknowledge the very kind and valuable assistance of Archibald Macdonald, Esq. To Dr. Irvine, Librarian of the Advocate's Library, Edinburgh, the Author offers, with the most lively pleasure, her sincere acknowledgments for a ready and persevering assistance in aid of her undertaking.

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