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Juliana began to feel her breasts expand and engorge but she wondered why he was doing this for they could not take it further in her chastity. Does he wish to tease me? Some of his touches hurt, as her body was sore from her beating, but long suppressed desire was rising in her and she would endure the pain for his touch. Now Gallerus did something which shocked her. Not satisfied with just a kiss, he licked and playfully bit at her earlobes, and kissed her upper neck above her collar.

Juliana was about to burn up with her desire so she moaned to him.

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I cannot serve you properly. More than you truly understand Master, but how?

Her enforced chastity was perhaps more painful to her than her beatings. Her need caused her to speak boldly, unlike a slave. I resolved to ask you to slay me under these bright suns, so I might find a way out of this hell. If there is another way out, please say so now or loose thy sword and kill me. Gallerus looked horrified for a second, but then he reached to his belt and for a fleeting instant Juliana thought she might see him unsheathe his small sword, but he was reaching to the ring of keys hanging on his belt.

Gallerus pawed through the ring, a ring he always carried as he was an overseer at the tavern. Holding her breath, Juliana dared not consider the impossible. But when his fingers came to a key which was brother to the one Dionysius carried on his neck, her mind screamed to her. He has the key, but how?


Words: 50, Her need caused her to speak boldly, unlike a slave. Decima Rising by Jennifer Campbell 4. Home Psychological testing in child custody evaluations read online id:3lpnivf. Words: 53,

Full of questions but desiring only his actions, she pulsed as the key went into the lock at her waist, and the belt popped open. How many times had she dreamed of this moment? Want to Read saving… Error rating book. Rhiannon's New School by Jennifer Campbell 2. Allison's Training by Jennifer Campbell 2.

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