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Boy were we surprised how many we found! Here are our very personal TOP This encapsulates Fjords mission for the roasting. Packaging Design: Marie Stadelmann , Berlin. Design Concept: The main thought was an abstract association with exploration and nature. The Suminagashi, created after the Japanese ink technique, allows for a wider interpretation, from contour lines of a map to the cross sections of trees. Four boxes combined create a full sized Suminagashi.

What more to know? The roastery is located in the Kolosseum in Munichs Glockenbachviertel, with the cafe just 50 meters away. A new coffee bar might open soonish in the Maxvorstadt area. Packaging Design: by MvsM themselves. And we wanted it to feel interesting as well, so it got a special varnishing. We believe that the bag is a part of the overall experience when having our coffee — so it should make a promise. Eames once said: The details are not the the details.

They make the Design. We think if you have to decide you should always put quality first. And the bag is just a small part of that approach. Company: Founded by Peter N. We are a green coffee importer, roaster, wholesaler and operate 4 coffee shops of our own across Copenhagen. Before it was very much locked in a certain grid. He also took the triangle and started drawing letters with it and came up with our very own font! We use the font to identify each of the farmers we work with.

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The bottom is transparent — just like our trading model — so you can see the roast color, bean shape and size or the actual product. We work directly with farmers, pay a premium for the quality and have full transparency on the pricing. We are dedicated to making coffee and beer that everyone can enjoy anywhere, anytime, without sacrificing quality or ethical production standards.

We brew and can in Berlin-Reinickendorf. Design Concept: The beer labels are inspired by midcentury travel posters and cinematic vistas. The coffee labels are inspired by classic Italian bar culture and the midcentury aesthetic espresso, amaro, etc.

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By working directly with producers to compact the value chain between them and the can in your hands, we aim to bridge the gap between specialised, small-batch production and casual, laid-back enjoyment. Company: Founded by Tom Sobey in Origin Coffee is available from leading speciality coffee shops, restaurants and hotels across the UK, and also in our own coffee shops in London and Cornwall where we still roast. Precision throughout our supply chain is paramount, it ensures that the end product does justice to the producers.

Be that in the roasting, brewing or the packaging. Design Concept: Our current bag designs enabled us to create a premium outtake without being too dry or taking ourselves too seriously. They feature John Kilburn illustrations a local Cornish artist which are unique and imaginative. Every time you look at them you see something new. Each of our coffees we release each month, as well as our mainstays then has a bespoke illustrated tasting card to accompany it.

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Das schafft Interessenkonflikte. Deutsch von Susanna Rademacher. Comment A Gift See! Toronto; , Oxford University Press. This is the sixth time that Italy has taken over the rotating G7 Presidency, and every time it has hosted leaders in some of the finest cities Italy and Europe have to offer.

These are created to reflect the coffee itself the flavour profile or a story from source. We curate the majority of our special coffees through direct trade, visiting and sourcing directly from producers around the world, forging sustainable long term relationships. Sustainability, provenance and traceability are at the heart of what we do.

Their own website relaunch will be live in mid-September. Design Concept: When we started exploring new packaging design, we thought that making it look nice was key, but it was much more than that — the process made us think long and hard about our role in the industry, celebrating our farming partners and ritual of brewing great coffee. We wanted packaging that was sustainable, challenged expectations and ultimately told a little bit of our story. The huge catalogue of photographs from our trips to the origin countries of our coffees became the main inspiration for our new packaging.

The design for our microlot coffee is inspired by the beautiful colours of the sunset while on our sourcing trip to Brazil. In , Ivo became chief resident coffee sommelier in Vienna. It should reveal all the information about the coffee within highest standards of typographic design and aesthetics.

Due to the large variety of our coffees and thus constantly changing information to display, we decided for an individual coffee card for each coffee, which is inserted on the front of the packaging. The coffee cards highlight each coffee in color and important details such as tasting notes, origins and varieties. The coffee can be re-ordered via scanning the QR-Code on the back of the card.

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For maximum recognition value, the customer meets the same color concept online. With our coffee cards as an elementary part of the packaging, we wanted to build a bridge between coffee farmers, roasters and consumers.

And thus to raise awareness for the product and the essential work by the producers alike. Apart from the roastery and coffee shop at Schanzenviertel, there are locations in Hamburg Eppendorf, Winterhude and the city centre. Design Concept: As there are further Co-Brews on the horizon, it was important to create a continous style from the beginning. First micro roastery in Dublin city centre. Packaging Design: Frank Kavanagh, one of the owners. Before coffee he had a successful graphic design company. Design Concept: The foremost importance was it had to be eco friendly. As for the design we wanted something simple, different to the current market and the hot pink inside gives a nod to our cheeky sense of humour….

All super exciting! Company: Founded by Viktor Shramenko. He had a dream — it was coffee. He started with coffee trucks, build up a network, but his dream was to create a coffee company.

And so he did. Black is the people. Huge fans of good coffee. P ackaging Design: Otherland Studio , Kiev Design Concept: We decided to make freshly roasted coffee user-friendly: We could not simplify the coffee, but we could minimize the complexity and doubts in the process and help people becoming familiar with fresh roasting. Each design detail is helping people understand the product. Our head roasting master dedicated almost a year to bring it up to date. Its peculiarity is the cast iron drum, in which beans are roasted homogeneously to the maximum.

True family business. Her taste buds never lie — she is a well known competitor in both national and international coffee competitions and a sommelier for coffee. Design Concept: The design is built around what Good Spirits stands for: joy, positivity, high quality.

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Since we have also started producing cold brew for other companies, especially coffee roasters. These collaborations are always very exciting for us, helping spread the cold brew love to an even wider audience.

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We have set ourselves the goal to redefine the coffee experience for the 21st century. Einwohnerzahl Im echten Leben diente er in der Handelsarmee und ist inzwischen nicht nur der Inhaber der Roadside Tavern, sondern auch des Burren Smokehouse dieses zusammen mit seiner Frau Birgitta , zudem Bierbrauer in seiner eigenen Mikrobrauerei und — nicht zu vergessen! Da Gastfreundschaft einfach in der Natur der Curtins liegt, halten wir unser erstes Bier bereits in der Hand, noch bevor Peter seinen ersten Satz beendet.

Die Eisenbahn war mittlerweile auf dem Land angekommen und Lisdoonvarna gewachsen. Nun aber endlich zum Bier! Ist Peter wirklich so riesig oder ist die Mikrobrauerei wirklich SO winzig? Peters Braugeheimnisse werden hier nicht verraten. Peter Curtin ist ein wahrer Schutzpatron dieses Dorfes und des Burren selbst.

Es war uns eine wahre Ehre Mr. The Maenads as a result feel disregarded as women and take their revenge. They rise up from Hades and mercilessly follow all transgressors who have committed terrible crimes and have not been discovered as doing so. They are depicted as having torches in their hands and snakes in their hair, and with serious, but rarely ugly faces. Over the course of time, their number was restricted to three.

In the later Greek world, they were converted, through a cult of reconciliation to the Eumenides Greek: the kindly. The Furies, as the voices of inner conscience, in ancient times, were the souls of the murdered who appear to their murderers so that they can no longer find any peace, and thus have no reason, according to their function, to torture Orpheus, as Orpheus had done nothing bad by ancient values.

As a result, Strawinsky turns the Furies into the guardians of the Underworld who fight against Orpheus in observing their task of protection, so that he may not break through to the spirits. This again is contrary to the original, as the guardian of the Underworld is not the assembled ranks of Furies but the hellhound Cerberus. Even more contrary to the original is the comparison of the Furies with the Secret Police of the National Socialists, like the Gestapo of Hell, as Strawinsky is said to have described them to the Los Angeles Times 21 st September , because the Furies only concerned themselves with those who had committed capital crimes and not with men of a different mentality.

If Tchelitshev had accomplished his identification of Orpheus with Apollo and Dionysos, there would have been nothing left of the myth other than a couple of interchangeable Greek-sounding names.

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The other remaining differences between the plot based on Ovid and the mythological original are secondary, for instance Orpheus goes down alone, according to the Greek conception, into the realm of Hades, while Strawinsky invents the Angel of Death, whom the Ancient Greeks did not have at all who leads Orpheus down into Hades. In doing so, the Angel of Death has him wear a golden mask before he enters the Underworld, while the original Orpheus does not wear a mask while he descends to the Underworld.

Apollo rescues the head of Orpheus and unites it with Eurydice in Hades, while according to the ballet scenario, Orpheus is raised up to God by Apollo. Between the return of Orpheus to the Overworld and his murder by the Maenads, three years pass according to Ovid, in which Orpheus, who is now physically sought after, abstains from any contact with a woman, while according to Strawinsky and Balanchine, Orpheus is killed soon after he comes back to the Overworld.

Orpheus myth: Observations on the Orpheus myth: Orpheus is not in fact one of the sagas of classical antiquity, although he was one of the Argonauts and it was his counter song which overpowered the song of the Sirens, thus saving his friends from death.