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Fanny Orlhac, receives a L'Oréal-UNESCO grant for Women in Science
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On the second day, unbeknownst to us, it picked up only the first fifteen or so minutes of our talk. I went to Grafton Street, our Cambridge local, ordered a stiff drink and wrote down as much as I could recover of what Fanny had said. Some of what follows came from that afternoon during which Fanny showed two of the short films she has recently worked on.

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Throughout, Fanny, nervous going into the process, finished each session by remarking, as if a little surprised, on how much she had enjoyed herself. I majored in European history. The six Humoresques for Violin and Orchestra that Sibelius wrote between and are all more casual in nature, as implied by the title. His last name was Delafield. Send this link to let others join your presentation: Copy. Report abuse.

A third session took place back in her office on a wet, raw May afternoon. We did as before, phone set to record on hassock, and talked for nearly three hours. Neither of us noticed that we did not pause for even a sip of water. Nor had we paused during our other sessions. There were no glasses or cups visible in the office. To clarify a few points, we sent emails back and forth.

Throughout, Fanny, nervous going into the process, finished each session by remarking, as if a little surprised, on how much she had enjoyed herself. Fanny Howe : Yes, my mother, sister and I left Buffalo when my father went into the war. He was a lieutenant and then he became a colonel.

He served in Sicily and North Africa and then after the war he went to Potsdam to give legal advice in the reorganization of Europe.

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He was gone for most of my early childhood. FH : The very earliest is of him in his uniform saying goodbye. Then after the war he came home to Cambridge. He pretended he was delivering the paper and my mother opened the door and there he was, still in uniform.

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FH : She grew up in Dublin with her mother and two siblings. She was born in so she was alert to the events of , the bombs falling. Her family was Quaker, some of them radical. She became involved in the theatre and ran the daily newspaper for the Gate. She acted in and produced her own plays. She was a rising and important figure in Irish drama, but she felt she had to get married. She came to America to do so and chose my father at a dinner party over Christmas and they married in February. FH : It was a lovely shabby town full of trees and empty streets, bikes and wandering dogs.

Our family doctor was one of a group of highly educated women psychiatrists and physicians who had to flee Germany. There were very few fathers or men in Cambridge during the war. This atmosphere, so very hard to describe, remains with me.

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My parents were very permissive so I could run the streets, go to the movies and steal candy without fear of punishment. FH : At 60, a heart attack in the night after he had shoveled snow and attended a meeting on school busing in Roxbury.

My father is the model I have carried with me of being personally sealed off but still effective. I went with him to rallies and the political skirmishes around Boston. Then Kennedy became the big excitement. We did things together like this. He made sure that I attend the Malcolm X talk at Harvard, one of the most searing events of my life, alive as if yesterday.

FH : Nineteen-fifty.

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I was ten. It was the thing that made our house so lively, its Irish sensibility including actors and plays that came from Dublin. My mother had a European sense of experimental theater. The theater put on Ionesco, her own version of Finnegans Wake and the eccentric Yeats plays. FH : Not involved except I worked as an usher in the dark. Theater scares me. I went to movies alone, my love them for was so great, when I was a teen. In a sense I believed they were made for me, me alone. Neo-Realism especially. I got into the courthouse for the HUAC hearings, shouted and they threw me out. I was washed down the steps of City Hall by a fire hose.

My boyfriend was a Communist who wore a fraternity pin and a red star. I also did have great teachers, including a teacher in comparative religion who kept the God flame alive and Alexander Kerensky who headed the White Russian party during the revolution. I majored in European history. Then I met my first husband, a microbiologist, eleven years older than me and very handsome and conservative. I eloped with him to be free, what a mistake. His last name was Delafield. We lived in Berkeley during the early s. FH : Money. I needed to earn money. I had left college without a degree but needed to prove myself to my family.

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So I regressed to the family trade—that is, a long line of writers who were like weavers, nothing very exalted but requiring persistence. Low input by GAD. Multi-library assembly by GAD. Pujolar, L. Olsen, M. Hansen, J. Arch Toxicol.

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