Die Albigenser-Kreuzzüge: 1209-1229 (German Edition)

Meaning of "Albigenser" in the German dictionary
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Wagenaar, Willem A. Rubin ed. Bailey, Michael D. Anotace zde. Kalhous, D. Horden ed. Biller, Peter — Green, J??? Aubrun et al. Very much based on the best available literature in French, German and Italian. Introductory considerations; humiliati of Lombardia; beguins in southern France; beghards in upper Rhineland. German summary BJ Instytut Religioznawstwa, book no. Bertuzzi, Roberta , Ecclesiarum forma: Tematiche di ecclesiologia catara e valdese , Roma: Quasar , Alexander, Paul J.

Fried, Johannes , Millennium-Studien: Donation of Constantine and Constitutum Constantini: The misinterpretation of a fiction and its original meaning. Jahrhunderts , Vaduz: Kraus 2 first ed. Berlin Pascoe, Louis B. For groups other than heretics, practices and marks of exclusion, toleration etc. Popes and violence in the high Middle Ages. Introduction; new view of the right to violence and its biblical grounds under Gregory VII; origins of the use of potestas by the reforming papacy — battle for the celibate and against simony; law-making on violence in Gregorian polemical texts; polemics against Henricians; Urban II and violence against non-believers in the first crusade; causa 23 of the Decretum Gratiani ; rhetoric of violence, and violence itself; disobedience and heresy in the 12th to 13th century; summary.

Footnotes, bg, index. Maffei, Domenico ed.

Erster Kreuzzug - Null Toleranz in Jerusalem nach Eroberung 1099

A collection of articles linked by the idea of militia Christi in anti-heretical endeavours, introduced and made coherent by a long and sophisticated introductory chapter. The idea of an anti-heretical militia Christi starts in southern France in the s where the fight against the heretics progressively took the connotations of a crusade Merlo mentions the idea that it is the heretic who breaks the peace links to the Peace of God movement , and argues that the idea of a holy war is there since the Third Lateran , even if not mentioned explicitly in this text.

Between the s and the s, the idea of militia Christi was an important idea in the fight against heresy This ideal comes from the Scripture, the monastic tradition, hagiographic traditions, and the epic utopia of a crusade against the infidels. The anti-heretical struggle is an internal crusade within Christianity full of biblical allegories. It is a strategy having a violent dimension and violence was considered as necessary but, most importantly, not sufficient According to Merlo, there was no gap between coercion and persuasion, between the militia Christi with and without weapons.

Militia Christi and the anti-heretical crusade; the saints and anti-heretical propaganda; demonization of heretics; anti-herecital sanctity of Anthony of Padua; Frederic II; the role of preaching and mendicants in the eradication of heresy; historical conscience of the presence of heresy Footnotes, short index.

Malamond, Paris: Les Belles Lettres A book popularizing and, in some ways, modifying or sharpening the conclusions of Formation but not with the same theoretical depth which is perhaps due partly to the intended readership. The author thanks M. Pegg, who has followed the birth of the book from the beginning, ang R.

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Weis, knowing better than himself the audience the book addresses p. Some reviews: Peter Biller online ; Ian Forrest mostly appraisal; p. Sheils, W. Sheils ed. Cas, M. First, Troyes is incorrect for Troyes verified, exists in the library of Troyes but it is early 20th-c. Second, these are three independent DEA theses, this title is artificial and not bibliographically correct. See also Goiran, below — her part of the work was finished as a Ph. Defended successfully in A study of a treatise against the Beghards by Henry Havrer correct reading of the ms.

References to the manuscripts also in the bibliography of this book. See also under Catharism, Waldensianism, Hussitism not only for treatises against these specific heresies. The author worked in Avignon, and participated in the discussions on Franciscan poverty of which he was an advocate, but a moderate one. This is not a very good edition, according to I.

Pointed to by I.

Ribailler, J. Terreni, Guido , Summa de heresibus et earum confutationibus , ed. Jean Roch — Antoine Duprat, D. Guidonis De Perpiniano Summa de heresibus et earum confutationibus , Uses Bernard Gui. He also wrote a commentary on the Decretum Gratiani and Errores Saracenorum. Available on Google Books. Cited by F.

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  • Meaning of "Albigenser" in the German dictionary.
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IRHT digital images, Former shelf mark: Contains: I. List of dioceses of Christendom. Privileges for the Dominicans inquisitors?

Meaning of "Albigenser" in the German dictionary

Rubric Forma qualiter heretici hereticant hereticos suos without the text itself v; sic; I have a reproduction of this ms. Isti sunt errores valdensium?? Disputatio catholici contra hereticos, super articulos fidei et aliis capitulis que inferius subscribuntur fol. Several papal commissions in the matter of inquisition fol. IRHT; o. An antiheretical collection containing the acta of the Arras synod fol.

Manifestatio heresis catharorum ; fol. Some scholars: M. Brunn, P. IRHT mf. Contains among other texts : Raniero Sacconi, Summa de catharis et leonistis 18rv ; Pseudo-David of Augsburg 24vv ; note on the beginnings of Waldensians 31v ; anonymous treatise on the Poor of Lyons; Interrogatio Iohannis 44rr ; Disputatio inter catholicum et paterinum hereticum 46rr ; Bernard Gui on pseudo-apostles; letters of St Dominic; 11 royal letters on the inquisition; Interrogatio Iohannis 44rr; ed.

Ego Zanghinus Ugolini Sene de porta s. A codex written by student in Prague, Jakub of Piotrkow, in , i. I, no.

5. Our Image Of ‘Others’ And Our Own Identity

Victore De virtute orandi; Augustinus, De dogmatibus fidei et alia opera Augustini. Codex, paper, 15th century, in-quarto, 12 folios. Tractatus optimus De secta Waldensium. Begins with Dum dormirent homines.

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End missing. Part of a greater whole. No explicit given by Wyslocki. Resource of a part of information: CCFR. Edition: M.

Zerner, Contre Henri B, a bad copy, probably printed from a microfilm ; v. Contains the Tractatulus de errore Leonistarum et Rumbariorum qui duraverunt tempore Silvestri et Ortlibariorum Katharorum et Paterinorum et Manicheorum qui adhuc serpunt in Theutonia incipit: Ad habendas aliqualem notitiam per dogmatis heretice parvitatis expedit , vr. Some more information in my local file rukopisy. Reproduction available at manuscriptorium. Conclusiones Ymberti supra quartum librum Sentenciarum i. CDc R Includes De quadam heresi orta in tempore Frederici imperatoris on fol.

Provenance: Clairvaux. See also Ch. Edice: Jacques-Paul Migne ed. Migne , col. Zerner, Inventer Studie: Ch. Studied by P. Neither description nor reproduction found in the Manuscriptorium unlike some other mss. See also under Anonymous of Passau.

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By mid, around 10, Crusaders had gathered in Lyon before marching south. Rubric Forma qualiter heretici hereticant hereticos suos without the text itself v; sic; I have a reproduction of this ms. Arnold as to an article which stimulated him to write Belief Editions and translations — Liber de duobus principiis. Edit to localize it to your language. Gautier, Paul ed.

Contains also Sermones dominicales per annum , then Dialogus inter catholicum. The topic is very much linked to other polemics, e. Nowell, Peter B. An extensive historical overview of the burning of books in the Middle Ages in different sources textual, visual , with a clear preference for the 15th c.

Die Albigenser-Kreuzzüge: 1209-1229 (German Edition)

Interesting insights into this burning as a ritual and performance. Detailed footnotes, bibliography, index. Jahrhundert , Berlin: Akademie-Verlag Evans, Austin P. Schluchter, Wolfgang ed. Russian and German summary. Conference on Loca haereticorum Roma, , on heresies from 4th-6th c.