Decorating Donts - Easy Fixes for Common Decorating Mistakes

20 Decorating Mistakes Everyone Makes in Their Living Room
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Not all the walls in a room should be decorated, but pick out a couple and give your eyes something fabulous to look at.

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Fill a big wall with a big mirror! Mirrors are amazing ways to help light bounce around the room! Create a collection of dishes on a wall. Make your own architectural art. Another great way to fill an empty wall is to create a collection of dishes on a wall.

Or make your own architectural art. It really looks lost and is such a tattletale! Tuck a small picture in a bookcase or prop it against a mirror in the foyer. If you have made any of these decorating mistakes you are in good company!!! And if any of these mistakes are living in your home… now you know how to fix them.

Decorating is not a contest or a race. It is individual and personal and a big wonderful learning adventure!!!!!

All the wins and mistakes because they have helped you to make your house the home you love!!!! Your email address will not be published.

This is the most gorgeous home I have ever seen! I work in a retail home dec store and so many people ask us for advice, I will refer them to your website. One mistake I see that is close to the matchy matchy one and that is buying into a whole new collection…i. Your gracious mix of styles is inspiring. Hi Tina, here is the link to my zebra rug.

Mine was too many colors. Fell in love with some Ralph Lauren colors about 10 years ago and thank goodness did not do the whole house. Am in the process of repainting, down to two colors that work well off each other. Am down to two remaining rooms before putting the paint brushes and roller away for a long time. I do recall the French country look of yellow, reds, blues, and being encouraged not to be afraid of color!

I love your home and your ideas. I am 72 and have lived in the same home for 50 years. I love to change my rooms each season and re-arrange furniture in one room or another every month…it seems, or so my husband says. Thank you for all the ideas. Your home is an inspiration!! The question I have is about not placing furniture against the wall. Any ideas how I can open it up? I know some room configurations make putting something in a room that is not against the wall difficult.

Maybe try angling a small accent chair away from the wall.

Feng Shui Home Decorating Ideas

Give that a try. Or how about adding a pole lamp that sits away from the wall? I hope these suggestions help. Hi Lia, If you are talking about the big lamps in the living room, they are wooden and I found them at Pottery Barn. Convincing my husband that all the paint in our house should match. There are two big classic decorating mistakes when it comes to paint colors.

I know it seems wrong to decorate a room and then immediately take everything off the walls to paint it. Paint it on a few walls before you commit to it so that you can see how the light changes it in the room.

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I understand, I want the project finished yesterday too, but let me tell you about the time I chose a paint color while sitting in a car during a rainstorm. Can you pick out all the mistakes in that one sentence? I could go on with how many mistakes I made in that one decision, but you can see for yourself. Oh we lived with it for awhile because, well because it became on of those funny stories. But it really was a relief to paint over it when we got back to working on that area of our house again.

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For the record, the name of the paint is Intrigue. So get out those paint chips and pick your favorites — then have mixed up in samples and try them out. And those tiny samples are the perfect size to use for art projects. Or you can donate them to the art or theater department at your local high school! The image above is my daughters apartment when she first moved in.

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We spent a weekend thrifting and painting and she had a beautiful room when I left. It was fully furnished and decorated. All bets are off on how straight it is no though! Before you begin the process of redesigning a space, start by taking everything out of the space. Is there a chair buried under all those clothes? Did the stuffed animals take over every nook and cranny? We still had to drop our film off to have the prints made. We had a lot of prints made.

Avoid These Common Decorating Mistakes

The solution I have for now is keeping them in pretty storage boxes. They only mock me every one in awhile. A gallery wall can be a beautiful addition to a wall or hallway, but it needs to be well thought out before you start hanging things. For a rug beneath a dining table, make sure it is large enough to extend at least two feet past the table on all sides so that the chairs stay on the rug when diners pull away from the table.

For example, you would need a rug of at least 8 by 10 feet for a 4-byfoot dining table. Read more decorating basics , check out our list of decor don'ts and find out our top 5 tips for rookie designers.

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