Why Today's Parents Have No Business Giving Their Kids Advice
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These are offered through community colleges, adult schools, Oasis, OSHER, and other private institutions, as well as online.

New research shows how the narcissistic parenting style affects children.

Shane Gordon has two Baby Boomer children in their 50s. She is a widow and spent 20 years as a Navy wife traveling from base to base. People tell her she. - Buy Dear Baby Boomers: (or How to 'raise' Your Senior Parents Along with Your Children) book online at best prices in India on

If there is a very specific question or challenge, an Internet search may provide the answer through an instructional video. If budget and resources allow, hiring an assistant is the way to go. Maybe one of your current work support team would be interested in part-time work. If you prefer a virtual assistant for the task at hand, many capable ones are out there.

A couple of websites where you can find virtual help with most tasks are www. A friend recommended the patient virtual assistant who helps me with my website and this newsletter. Finding capable and reasonable people to keep this equipment running smoothly is another challenge that takes some research. Friends and neighbors often have suggestions, and asking them is a good way to expand your social network too. After reading these suggestions for replacing a support team, you may decide to stay at your job,a while longer, where they already exist! Yes, it does take some energy and expense to replace this work benefit, but it can be done, and after retiring, you will have the time to devote to this!

You may not have noticed before, but this is International Coaching Week!

What are the effects on children whose mothers have them “later?"

Yes, you are all coaches from time to time and have no doubt received the benefits from being coached yourself. As you become more aware of qualities that coaches have learned to practice consistently, you will appreciate why we set aside this week to celebrate coaching and its transformative power.

Coaches know that their clients are capable of creating the outcomes they want.

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The clients may not know what they want at the moment or have strategies to manifest this. My job is not to tell her how to do it, but to help her envision her ideal retirement and take steps to get there. I might share resources or make an occasional suggestion, but the vision comes from her. As a friend, parent, employer, you have no doubt sat down with someone and asked questions that helped him or her see things more clearly. Coaches are good listeners. They not only hear the words spoken but discern the emotions behind those words. Coaches do not judge or label.

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Friends, colleagues, and others may come to you with their stories because you are a compassionate, nonjudgmental listener. Coaches create a doable action plan with their clients, who commit to taking the steps along the way. Coaches celebrate successes with clients and help them make adjustments when a goal may be taking longer to achieve. I have helped clients create a retirement roadmap for each area of their lives and then set specific goals to move toward their vision.

You as a parent, employer, teacher, or friend may have coached someone in a similar way to help him or her accomplish a goal or make a significant change. I, as many professional coaches, am happy to give a complimentary session so that you can see if coaching is a good fit for you. In the past 24 hours I have listened to an interview of Dr.

How many of you are willing to let go of the house where you raised your children?

Dear Baby Boomers: (Or How to 'Raise' Your Senior Parents Along with Your Children)

And yet Dr. Thomas, the geriatrician and author the Wall Street Journal called one of the top ten Americans shaping aging, said to be wary of the family home, which often becomes less and less suitable for people as they age. Poorly designed bathrooms, for example, become very hazardous with their slippery and hard surfaces.

Social isolation can also be a problem if people stay trapped in their homes. He has observed that most people move out of the family home about ten years too late.

Downsizing can take many forms, of course, but the newest housing model Dr. Stay tuned for more on this in years to come when these communities may be more common. As Dr. For those wanting or needing to stay in the family home and with room to spare,.

One Dr. Thomas mentioned was Silvernest, which has a presence in San Diego.


Homestay organizations also often look for rooms for international students. Some people see this as a great opportunity to learn about another culture and make worldwide connections. Moving to any of these requires lots of research and planning, and I was surprised to learn that many CCRCs encourage you to stay with them for a few days to see if you like it.

Interior designers and contractors who specialize in these changes are out there ready to help. Patti Gerke and Ron Greenwald www. I hope that sharing some of what I learned will encourage others to stretch a bit and explore these opportunities, whether here or in another community. My readers and I found his recommended six practices powerful guides for , so I wanted to share one that spoke to me as someone who is retired and aging consciously.

This is a practice that we follow throughout our lives as we explore a new interest or career, become accomplished at it, and then, at some point, take what we have learned and move on to a new area where we can stretch and begin again.

Caring for Aging Parents - IN Close

This happened to me several years after retirement when I was introduced to life coaching, which I explored, studied, and mastered as my second career. He left his wife a note and set off for the sea with his belongings and an oar. Your time as a master seaman is over. And then, you will plant the oar and start a garden.

But he also knew that this was not where Odysseus would be challenged to continue growing and learning. We want to keep those in our toolbox as we move on. It could be learning a new app on the computer or renewing or cultivating a relationship.

Baby Boomer Parents, Have You Come Out of the Cannabis Closet to Your Adult Kids?

Whatever you decide to explore and master this year, I wish you success as you live life to the fullest. I knew each one would have a different take. Some enjoy time with their grandchildren, and others love to travel. Some are learning how to be single again after losing spouses. Others have struggled with a serious illness. The outstanding retiree we honored, Phebe Burnham, wakes up each morning eager to paint her popular portraits and has no plans to stop.

I saw smiles and nods of recognition as I shared the three paths author and geriatrician, Bill Thomas, predicts most people choose from as they age. Denialists dye their hair and try hard to remain part of the frenzied world of adulthood. They are anxious and unhappy about any aspect of their appearance or behavior that might be connected with getting old. Hearing aids and orthotic shoes are not acceptable in their world. At the extreme, Denialists believe that aging will be stopped and then reversed.

Fighting for L.G.B.T. Rights in Retirement Communities

But it is Singapore that is the startup hub of the region, thanks to its excellent infrastructure, government support, and abundant capital. February 24, Our guide explained that the lion was injured, apparently from fighting over a female. Culturally, Generation X saw the rise of musical genres such as grunge and hip-hop, as well as indie films. If you aren't using this hack Its key component is EGCG, a catechin linked to lowering risks to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and liver disease. Why not look for ways to create new opportunities and seek experiences that broaden your horizon while making some extra money?

They embrace volunteering and estate planning. Though they take this practical approach to getting older, Realists still wish they could perpetuate adulthood since they, too, have bought into a lot of ageist beliefs. Enthusiasts are the smallest group, so you may not know many in this category. They embrace aging, even though they know it will have rough spots. They see life beyond adulthood as a time of growth and discovery. Nowadays I hate snow and cold. Birthdays should be for the mom I had planned 5 free days last month just!

Some days I literally tell my husband, "I kept the kids alive. Here in Finland a haircut like that is called 'pottakampaus' a chamber pot haircut. It looks like someone puts a chamber pot on the kid's head like a helmet and then cut all the hair that was visible under the rim. Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app! Your image is too large, maximum file size is 8 MB. Not your original work? Add source. Error occurred when generating embed. Please check link and try again. A friend of mine says: "Children are the best and the worst we have in our lives.

When people ask me why didn't I had a second child, I always say: "Look at my daughter. I'm a spoiled mom. I'm afraid a second may come as "standard" or worst, and I'll regret my decision hundreds of times. My girl is just like yours, and also the reason I didn't have any more for the same reasons as yours. We are lucky! You said it, everyone's opinion must be respected. I'm tired of my grandma, saying "Oh, you must have kids Actually, I won't have to.

I'm a short-tempered person, that wants to give something different, something great to the world. A kid would only slow down a person with my kind of character and ambitions. I realise many people feel the need to share their lives with kids, but I'd rather stick to dogs, as they make better side kicks most of the time for a person like myself. Even if I decide to have kids after all, I'd probably adopt an older child, as the average toddler or baby is fully capable of driving me to a suicide. You see, just like you, I'm afraid that if I decide to have children one day, they may be "standard".

And I won't be able to take care of a "standard" young child properly. A carol emery - I'm not having kids not because I'd be a lousy parent I wouldn't it's because there are too many people on this planet, and in the next years things are going to go tits if people don't change their consumption habits and the way we live our lives, drastically. So why would i want to have a kid to leave it to all the crap we have coming.