Broadband Fixed Wireless Access: A System Perspective (Signals and Communication Technology)

Broadband Fixed Wireless Access : A System Perspective
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Broadband Fixed Wireless Access: A System Perspective (Signals and Communication Technology) [Marc Engels, Frederik Petre] on *​FREE*. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Broadband Fixed Wireless Access provides a Broadband Fixed Wireless Access: A System Perspective (Signals and Communication Technology) - Kindle edition by Marc Engels, Frederik Petre.

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New Releases. Free delivery worldwide. Description This introductory volume provides a systematic overview of WiMAX technology, demystifing the technology and providing technical advice on various system trade-offs. Much of the material is based on the practical experiences of the authors in building new systems. Coverage includes the IEEE This is a must read book for professionals involved in broadband fixed wireless access.


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Broadband Fixed Wireless Access

Buy Hardcover. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book Broadband Fixed Wireless Access provides a systematic overview of the emerging WiMax technology, and much of the material is based on the practical experiences of the authors in building broadband wireless systems. Additionally, the book features the following highlights: Detailed modeling of broadband fixed wireless access propagation channel, including new measurements for its time variation.

An extensive overview of the IEEE A tutorial on implementation challenges for WiMAX terminals. Discussion of the suitability of various multi-antenna techniques. We will also present our most recent findings on the concept of reconfigurable intelligent surface RIS -based transmission, which appears as a new frontier in wireless communications, and discuss potential future research directions.

Zero-touch real-time distributed automation for telecom and beyond The combination of billions of connected devices, petaflops of computing resources and advanced communication capabilities that enable real-time interactions is leading to the creation of systems on a scale and complexity level that is beyond the ability of humans to fully comprehend and control. While artificial intelligence AI is certain to play a key role in the creation of next generation systems in a wide variety of industry sectors in the near future, it is particularly relevant in rapidly developing industries such as ICT, manufacturing and transportation.

At Ericsson, we are convinced that the development of AI, which encompasses the fields of machine reasoning and machine learning, will enable the development of zero-touch systems.


Such systems will be characterized by the fact that they require no human intervention other than high-level declarative and implementation-independent intents. On the road to zero touch both humans and machines will learn from their interactions. This will build trust and enable the machines to adjust to human intention. This talk will cover different use cases of AI-driven zero-touch automation including examples for telecom and other industries. Automation at the edge Zero-touch automation aims to enable network management that can efficiently address the demands being placed on it by the increasing growth of data, devices and new technologies.

Another recent trend in addressing the ever increasing demands is the push of the services to the edges, i. In this talk, we will address the recent trends in the intersection of these two promising areas. We will explain briefly potential benefits of and open problems in the areas of orchestrated service delivery with edge computing, content storage and delivery at the edge and data analytics for QoE provision. We will also provide some background on how modern Machine Learning techniques can be used in achieving automation at the edge.

Deterministic ultra-reliable and low latency communications that 5G delivers enable a new range of use cases through enabling wireless transport for time sensitive networking TSN.

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The definitive guide to next-generation wireless technology What 5G wireless devices will do that 4G cannot 5G enthusiasm abounds from tech CEOs: Is it warranted? Properties: higher ranges affected by intense rain. As an effective carrier, millimeter-wave mm-wave frequencies between 30 GHz and GHz are a new frontier for FWI that offers the promise of orders of magnitude greater bandwidths. So the W-band has better quality for anti-interception and anti-interference. All of these elements combine in an interactive dance with each node of the communication structure linked in a multitude of ways with every other node. No, it isn't. Weightless Weightless is a proposed proprietary open wireless technology standard for exchanging data between a base station and thousands of machines around it using wavelength radio transmissions in unoccupied TV transmission channels with high levels of security.

In such an environment, it is very hard to be successful without necessary skills and capabilities to establish and run a start-up. To this end, new discoveries, new technologies, competition, and globalization compel both entrepreneurs and existing firms to foster innovation. The main aim of this talk is to explain research challenges and applications of Internet of Things. Finally, interesting IoT-based systems, that will shape our future, will be described.

Trustworthy 5G cloud by automated security Realizing trustworthy cloud compute infrastructure for 5G networks and its applications has become a challenge.

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The 3GPP SBA architecture and the dynamicity in container based network implementations calls for new approaches to secure security. For such implementation we need efficient ways to secure that nodes are trustworthy that is comply to predefined requirements and that identities and storage is secure even if network node functions dynamically come and go based on demands. In this talk we discuss novel hardware and software approaches that aim at giving Ericsson customers the security features that make Ericsson cloud based network products secure and trustworthy. Key Distribution and Security in IoT and Emerging Wireless Network Systems Cryptographic tools are the basic building blocks for providing security and trustworthiness of any networked systems.

Especially when used among generic entities, such as IoT devices and sensors, sharing a common cryptographic key in a secure way becomes an important challenge. In this talk, several key distribution solutions that we have proposed for Body Area Networks BANs , IoT and wireless sensor systems will be discussed. These solutions create a secure and attack resilient key distribution among the nodes that do not know each other a priori. Our solutions for BANs make use of physiological signals of the human body and several biometrics for key distribution.

On the other hand, our solutions for IoT and sensor systems make use intelligent predistribution strategies that also provides after-attack remedies. The common characteristics of all of these models is that the nodes become generic until they are installed, which brings manufacturing flexibility, and touch-free key establishment.

In this talk, we also discuss non-cryptographic and intelligent IoT attack detection mechanisms as well. Hotel website. Home Events Get ready for the technologies Get ready for the technologies of the future!