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Fantastic customer service. I wish I would have gotten their names.

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They were so good. They even helped move a couple things around to fit the desks.

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The ICICLE platform allows us to create world leading programs fast and efficiently so you can get approved faster and with the least red tape. Super appreciate all this work I guess I am really surprised that we didn't have this in place to start with, so thanks for getting us all back on the same page. Deborah: I am already!!

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What a great thing to come home to!! Deborah Michael was a big help yesterday again! Kind regards, Angela Angela.

A powerful approach to sustainable school system change that involves all stakeholders! Changing whole education systems for the better, as measured by student achievement, requires coordinated leadership at the school, community, district, and government levels.

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Based on Michael Fullan's work with school districts and large systems in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, this resource lays out a comprehensive action plan for achieving whole system reform. System-wide reform becomes possible when educational leaders build collective capacity and where individual teachers, schools, and districts are committed to working together to increase their effectiveness, rather than competing against one another. This book examines:.

All Systems Go shows educators what must be done to strip away distractions and move an entire system forward. Please include your name, contact information, and the name of the title for which you would like more information. Michael Fullan reminds us that it is neither a lack of knowledge nor the absence of honorable intentions that causes this scenario, but rather a failure of system capacity and coherence. The strategies of developing collective efficacy that Fullan so clearly and compellingly proposes, strategies incidentally that are already in practice, are as essential in the halls of government as they are in the hallways of every school.

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By introducing the concept of collective capacity building, Fullan encourages us to recognize that educational improvement requires each of us individually to contribute fully and, most important, all of us—politicians, officials, educators, students, parents and other partners—to work together for improved student outcomes. Fullan's expert advice has been invaluable in Ontario with a system on the go and improved results.

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It takes a complex problem—how to change the whole system—and offers, in a crystal clear and assertive way, advice on what not to do and what exactly to do. Policy makers, read this book with care and use it as your starting point in building capacity across the whole system and ending up with smarter and greater accountability than ever before. Fullan provides the tools—conceptual, strategic, and structural—for system leaders at every level to create a whole system that develops collective capacity and efficacy.

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All Systems Go is exactly what we need at this crucial time in education reform around the globe. Fullan exhorts us to get our act together and deliver value.