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Even worse—many believed Perrett had stolen the gold needed to create such a large piece. Despite an aura of disbelief that surrounded both Perrett and his gold nugget, he became an instant celebrity in Deadwood.

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Adams for inclusion in the newly constructed Adams Memorial Hall, where it was kept in a secured vault and a ceramic copy put on display. After the discovery of the gold nugget, the Deadwood Chamber of Commerce quickly recognized that Perrett would fit in well with their plan to attract new tourists to the area and began utilizing him whenever possible. Visitors were welcome at his cabin, where he regaled them with tales of Deadwood as a mining camp while he panned for gold.

When asked about his incredible find, he often responded that he had been looking for the rest of the leg ever since. He traveled across the U. Potato Creek Johnny passed away at the age of 77 on February 26, His legacy continues to thrive, inspiring paintings, stories, and poems.

The historical importance of the nugget and its finder is without question. The gold nugget has been recognized as one of the most quintessential and important artifacts in Black Hills history, and in the Adams Museum collection. Despite its importance, for decades the artifact was displayed infrequently or a copy placed on display.

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In recent decades, staff recognized the importance of putting this item on permanent display to help illustrate the Black Hills story. A replica of the original nugget was created because of a 5.

The proceeds of this auction were split between the Wounded Warrior Project and funds to build a permanent, secure display case for the original nugget. The nugget opened for permanent display in June , where it is visible on the main floor.

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